Boneless Duck Breast

The breast is considered the premium cut of duck and sits atop the centre of menu at restaurants around the world. When cooked medium-to-rare, it creates a melt in your mouth texture. Like our naturally farmed whole duck with clean label ingredients, the boneless breast is 100% duck.

Peppered Duck Breast

Similar to our infamous Smoked Duck Breast, the Peppered Breast is fully cooked and can be served cold on a salad, or warmed to top your homemade pizza. This breast is tossed in a peppercorn marinade and smoked for mouth watering flavour.

*Only available at our Farm Fresh Store

Duck Wings

Our fully cooked Duck Wings have taken the culinary world by storm. From restaurants to your table, chefs and foodies like you cannot get enough of these tasty treats!

*Only available at our Farm Fresh Store.

Duck Spring Rolls

Whether it is a Holiday supper or Superbowl Sunday, these delicious appetizers are packed full of tender duck and one of our best sellers!

*Only available at our Farm Fresh Store.

Pulled Duck

The lean, tender meat that makes up this product is pulled from our slowly-roasted whole duck then shredded to a versatile working size. This product is so versatile for use in tacos, salads, sandwiches, wraps and even poutine. Best of all its unflavoured so you can spice anyway you like it!

*Only available at our Farm Fresh Store.

Duck Eggs

Fresh free-range Duck Eggs are available for your enjoyment. Quantities are limited so please call our local store to check availability.

*Only available at our Farm Fresh Store.

Roast Half Duck

Our Roast Half Duck is the ultimate gourmet duck dinner, ready in just under 20 minutes! This fully cooked product is perfect for busy food lovers on the fly and can be purchased either fresh or frozen.  

Duck Spiedini

Our duck skewers of breast meat have a ribbon of fat that melts through the meat in the grilling process, creating a juicy and tender sensation. These are a fan favourite for Summer BBQ appetizers!

*Only available at our Farm Fresh Store.

Smoked Duck Breast

We take our premium grade boneless breasts and cook them using Canadian rock maple for the just the right hint of smoky flavour. This is our most versatile and widely used product around the world: from restaurants and cruise ships to home kitchens like yours.

Confit Duck Leg

Another fine example from King Cole Kitchens cook plant, our duck leg is cooked in the traditional French method of cooking. In just under 10 minutes in the oven, the result is a rich-tasting duck leg with wonderful texture and tenderness.

Duck Legs

Once you taste the rich, flavourful meat of a duck leg you will appreciate why they are in such high demand in North America. The slow, steady cooking process is the key to result in fall-off-the-bone meat.

Whole Duck

This is the product that started the King Cole tradition back in 1951. Our duck is 100% natural with no additives, preservatives or antibiotics. Simple and easy to prepare, a roast duck dinner is a guaranteed crowd pleaser with rich, tender meat and crispy skin. Whether it’s a holiday feast or Sunday night special, the roasted whole duck brings families together to enjoy more than just great food.

Duck Sausage

Another fun duck item perfect for Sunday brunch or summertime BBQ. Our Duck Sausage comes roasted in a maple or orange glaze for a tasty treat you HAVE to try!

*Only available at our Farm Fresh Store.

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