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Chef Erica Karbelnik

Chef Erica Karbelnik began cooking at a young age with her mom by her side, hosting weekly dinner parties and recipe testing. It was there, in her home kitchen, that sparked her passion for culinary arts. At 17, Chef Erica started cooking professionally. She worked as an apprentice under
Chef Mark McEwan at ONE Restaurant, which led to a full-time position.

Since, Chef Erica has travelled across the globe, bringing flavours from each country into her cooking. She has gone back and forth from Toronto to Vancouver, working alongside some of Canada’s most recognized chefs, training in French Italian cuisine and specializing in handmade pasta.
Chef Erica competed alongside her husband and fellow chef, Josh Karbelnik, in Food Network Canada’s Top Chef Canada, where she took home the title and grand prize. During this competition, she honed into her Moroccan Israeli background bringing those flavours to the table and finding her stride in her cooking style. Recently, Chef Erica represented Canada in the V1 Campeonato Mundial De Tapas in Spain against 15 of the world’s best for the chance to earn the title.

She has also been named the Culinary Ambassador of NBA Courtside Restaurant where she will oversee its globally inspired menu created by Executive Chef Myles Sam.

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Words from the Best

Through many trials and feathers, ACF Culinary Team USA 2020 we have discovered the best Duck and Company!  We have King Cole Ducks on our Menu for a reason. We have taken some of the Best Chefs in America and provided them with the Best Ducks in North America. “Going for Gold!”

Rene Marquis

ACF Culinary Team USA 2020

We enjoy partnering with King Cole events such as Duck School and Duck Fest to share our creative ideas with their amazing duck!

Jeff De Vera

Hungry Brew Hops

I use King Cole products with my students to showcase a local Canadian company who uses best farming practices and provides chefs with top grade products.

David Hawey

Durham College

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