Our Story

THEN: The original founders and their duck truck at the market.

NOW: The fabulous 3rd generation female farmers who lead the flock.

THEN: 1951 where it all began.

NOW: In 2016, we opened our farm fresh retail store and head offices.

THEN: Founder Jim Murby paved the path for agriculture farmers by innovating and creating new equipment.

NOW: 21st century equipment has helped us continue to use best farming practices by recycling our compost and shavings.

Three Generations of Farmers

Our Egg to Plate Process

Natural and Responsible Farming

For over 65 years and four generations of our family, we have remained true to time-honoured farming practices that epitomize integrity in sustainable, responsible farming.

Clean Label Ingredients 

Good food is clean food; “clean” of additives and unnatural elements that affect the integrity of taste and nutrition. Our clean label: No hormones or growth stimulants. No food colouring or additives, phosphate free and gluten free. Nitrates are used in several fully-cooked products to ensure a 30-day refrigerated shelf-life, standard in North American food retail.

Animal Welfare & Humane Handling  

King Cole has long been heralded for its leadership and stewardship in the area of animal care. Ducks are raised free run in large spacious barns with plenty of fresh air ventilation, unlimited water and natural feed. Many barns are bedded down with recycled fresh wood shavings daily and others are washed out for maximum sanitary conditions.

Leaders in Recycling  

Good things come from reducing, reusing, and recycling. King Cole’s goal has been 100% usage of the product we produce and our waste is an important part of that sustainable story.

We purchase wood shavings from local wood-working companies to use as bedding on a variety of our farm locations.  At the end of each cycle, barns are cleaned thoroughly and the manure-laden shavings are removed to our compost site.  Twenty years of composting experience allows us to create a clean, odourless, consistent,  all-natural soil enhancer that boasts a neutral PH level.   Gardeners and green trades alike will vouch for the “growing power” of  King Cole’s duck compost.  Our own land is farmed with cash crops that receive a bi-annual dose of duck fertilizer for increased crop yields.

In addition, two-thirds of our water is completely recycled and used to clean the barns as part of our intensive sanitation protocols.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is duck a healthy choice?
The skinny on duck fat: Duck fat is healthier for the heart than butter or lard: 33% saturated fat vs. 62% in clarified butter (Yikes!). Duck fat is also higher in cholesterol-fighting mono-unsaturated fats: 49% vs. butter’s 29% (Globe & Mail). Duck fat is used by chefs throughout the world in place of butter, while in France and other European homes, it is used daily. Its rich flavour and higher smoke-point make it perfect for frying potatoes or onions, in omelettes and pastry, for frying steak or any meat, or enriching a stew.
Any tips to prepare a Duck?

Roast Duck is perhaps one of the easiest meals to prepare with results that are guaranteed to please. One of the keys: make sure the bird sits on an elevated grill or rack in the cook pan, to ensure the fat has a place to collect in the bottom, away from the bird.

Do you make foie gras?
No we don’t. “Force feeding” is against King Cole’s natural farming philosophy and the Pekin duck is not used for foie gras production.
Are your ducks gluten-free?
Yes they are. They are also phosphate-free.
What are the ducks fed?
They are raised on a controlled diet of natural grains and fresh water. There are no hormones, growth stimulants or antibiotics used in the production of King Cole ducks.

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