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King Cole is the only fully vertically integrated farm of its kind in North America as every step in the process is truly ‘in-house’ and hands-on.

Our duck products are sold fresh and local to our community, and are featured in retail food stores, butcher shops, and delis around the world. We also serve restaurants, resorts, hotels, and cruise lines around the world. Each year King Cole produces approximately 2.5 million ducks to create our delicious lines of Ready-to-Cook and Fully Cooked duck products.

Whole Duck

This is the product that started the King Cole tradition back in 1951. Our duck is 100% natural with no additives, preservatives or antibiotics. Simple and easy to prepare, a roast duck dinner is a guaranteed crowd pleaser with rich, tender meat and crispy skin. Whether it’s a holiday feast or Sunday night special, the roasted whole duck brings families together to enjoy more than just great food.

CodeDescriptionPackSizeNET WGHT/CS
4512Grade 'A' Duck FRESH/ Canard Entier Frais grade 'A'6/cs2.0-2.5 kg12-15 kg
4000Grade 'A' Duck /Canard Entier Grade 'A'6/cs1.8-2 kg11-12 kg
4500Grade 'A' Duck /Canard Entier Grade 'A'6/cs2.0-2.25 kg12-13 kg
5000Grade 'A' Duck /Canard Entier Grade 'A'6/cs2.25-2.5 kg13-14 kg
5500Grade 'A' Duck /Canard Entier Grade 'A'6/cs2.5 kg up15-up kg
84550Grade 'A' Duck Halal, special order/ Canard Entier Grade 'A' Halal, code special6/cs2.0-2.5 kg12-15 kg
4505Utility Grade Duck/Canard Entier Grade Utilite6/cs1.6-2.8 kg9-16 kg
1000Fresh Chinese Style Whole Duck- FS/ Canard Entier Frais style Chinois-SA10/cs2.3-2.5 kg23-25 kg

Boneless Duck Breasts

King Cole duck breasts are carefully selected, hand cut and super trimmed to ensure chefs and consumers get a perfect portion everytime. Available in foodservice and retail packs, raw, smoked, or heat and serve, King Cole ducks breasts are the ideal ‘duck steak’ for menus world-wide.

4530Super Trim- Boneless Duck Breast/ Poitrine de canard desossee32/cs170-198 g5.5-6 kg
5530Super Trim- Boneless Duck Breast/ Poitrine de canard desossee32/cs198-227 g6-7 kg
6530Super Trim- Boneless Duck Breast/ Poitrine de canard desossee32/cs227-255 g7-8 kg
7530Super Trim- Boneless Duck Breast/ Poitrine de canard desossee32/cs255-283 g8-9 kg
6080Boneless Duck Breast-Frozen, Retail/ Poitrine de canard desossee-Congelee, Detail32/cs170-283 g5.58-9 kg
6081Boneless Duck Breast-Fresh, Retail/ Poitrine de canard desossee- Fraiche, Detail8/cs170-283 g1.36-2.26 kg
9530Airline Duck Breast- special order/Pointrine de canard desossee,demi aileron-code special32/cs330 g10.7 kg
5600Bone-in Duck Breast/Double Breast-sp order / poitrine avec os-poit. double-cde spécial14/cs1 kg15 kg
9500Duck Crowns/ couronnes de canard6/cs1.45 kg8.7 kg

Duck Legs

King Cole’s pekin duck legs are tender every time whether braised, confit or roasted.
Packed bulk for foodservice or vac packed for retail, guests will always enjoy its tender, rich flavoured meat and crispy skin. Available fresh, frozen, raw or fully cooked.

1520Duck Leg (Back-attached)/ Cuisse de Canard (retour attache)BULK381 g8 kg
1535Duck Leg- Frozen, Foodservice/ Cuisse de canard, Congelee,SA4x2 kg227-255 g8 kg
1536Duck Leg- 'B' Frozen, Foodservice/ Cuisse de canard 'B', Congelee,SA4x2 kg227-255 g8 kg
1537Duck Leg- Fresh,Retail/ Cuisse de canard, Fraiche, Detail8/cs227-255 g2.7 kg
1538Duck Leg- Frozen Retail. Cuisse de canard, Congelee, SA24/cs227-255 g7.2 kg

Duck Spiedini

Our duck skewers of breast meat have a ribbon of fat that melts through the meat in the grilling process, creating a juicy and tender sensation.

5100Duck Spiedini- bulk/60/cs28g/pc1.7 kg
5110Duck Spiedini- vac-packed/60/cs28g/pc1.7 kg


This category focuses on a wide variety of duck parts in demand by diverse snack shops,
creative chefs and artisanal pet food producers. Bi-products are packed in large volume bulk for transformation. Primarily available frozen, fresh can be special ordered from the farm.

1010Duck Necks/Cous de canardbulk145 g8 kg
1015Duck Wish Bones/bulk17 g8 kg
1020Duck Carcass/Carcasses de canardbulk6.8 kg14 kg
1700Duck Drummettes (raw)/Pilon d'ailes de canard4x2 kg70 g8 kg
5260Duck Wings- 3 jt/Ailes de canard- entieres2x4 kg121 g8 kg
5261Duck Wings-2 jt/ Ailes de canard- deux articulations2x4 kg60 g8 kg
5364Duck Wings-tips/ Ailes de canard- pointebulk18 g8 kg
5300Duck Heads/Tetes de canardbulk131 g8 kg
5450Duck Liver, Bulk/ Foie de canard- SAbulk34 g8 kg
5451Duck Liver x 4kg, Foodservice/ Foie de canard, SA4x2 kg34 g8 kg
5452Duck Liver- Retail/Foie de Canard- Detail8x300 g34 g2.4 kg
8000Duck Hearts/Coeur de Canardbulk14 g8 kg
9000Duck Skin/Peau de canardbulkrandom16 kg
5400Duck Breast Fillets/Filets de poitrine de canard8x1 kg14 g8 kg
5230Duck Meat/Viande de poitrine de canard4x2 kgrandom8 kg
5150Duck Feet/Pied de canard4x2 kg31 g8 kg
5151Duck Feet- B Grade/Pied de canard 'B'4x2 kg31 g8 kg
5250Duck Tongues/Langues de canard4x2 kg7 g8 kg
5220Duck Gizzard/ Gesiers de canard4x2kg20 g8 kg

Fully Cooked Duck Breasts

We take our premium grade boneless breasts and cook them using Canadian rock maple for the just the right hint of smoky flavour. This is our most versatile and widely used product around the world: from restaurants and cruise ships to menus like yours.

5310Smoked Duck Breast-Frozen, Foodservice/Pointrine de canard desossee fumee-Congelee, SA8/cs200-250 g1.8 kg
5312Smoked Duck Breast- Fresh, Retail /Pointrine de canard desossee fumee-Fraiche, Detail8/cs200-250 g1.8 kg
5313Smoked Duck Breast- Frozen, Retail /Pointrine de canard desossee fumee-Congelee, Detail8/cs200-250 g1.8 kg
6310Smoked Duck Breast- Frozen, Foodservice/Pointrine de canard desossee fumee-Congelee,SA25/cs200-250 g5.6 kg
5320Peppered Duck Breast-Frozen, Foodservice/ Poitrine desossee, fumee au poivre- Congelee, Detail8/cs200-250 g1.8 kg
5321Peppered Duck Breast- Frozen,Retail/ Poitrine desossee, fumee au poivre- Congelee,Detail8/cs200-250 g1.8 kg

Fully Cooked Specialty Products

Specialty duck products are trending high on menus from food trucks to banquet halls as well as adventureous home cooks. This category will capture your customers imagination and taste buds.

5271Rendered Duck Fat, Frozen, Foodservice/ Gras de canard fondu-congelee, SA3/cs2 kg6 kg
5272Rendered Duck Fat, Frozen, Retail/ Gras de canard fondu-congelee, Detail12/cs400 g4.8 kg
5273Rendered Duck Fat, Fresh, Retail/ Gras de canard fondu-Fraiche, Detail12/cs400 g4.8 kg
5252Pulled Duck/Viande cuite efflioche de canard3/cs500 g1.5 kg
5262Duck Wing Drumettes, Frenched/ Pilons D'ailes, Assaisonnes, coupe francais1x7 kg62 g7 kg

Fully Cooked Duck Legs

Another fine example from King Cole Kitchens cook plant, our duck leg is cooked in the traditional French method of cooking. In just under 10 minutes in the oven, the result is a rich-tasting duck leg with wonderful texture and tenderness.

2535Confit Duck Leg- Frozen, Foodservice / Cuisse de canard confit-Congelee, SA12x2/cs125-140 g3.36 kg
2536Confit Duck Leg- Frozen, Retail / Cuisse de canard confit-Congelee, Detail12/cs125-140 g3.36 kg
2537Confit Duck Leg- Fresh, Retail / Cuisse de canard confit-Fraiche, Detail12/cs125-140 g3.36 kg

Fully Cooked Half Duck

Our Roast Half Duck is the ultimate gourmet duck dinner, ready in just under 20 minutes. This fully cooked product is perfect for chefs on the fly and can be purchased either fresh or frozen.

CodeDescriptionPackSizeNET WGHT/CS
5330Roasted Half Duck-Foodservice/Demi Canard entierement cuit,SA10/cs350 g3.5 kg
5332Half Duck a l'orange-Retail/Demi Carard Roti a l'orange-Detail12/cs400 g4.8 kg
53321Half Duck a l'orange-Retail Fresh /Demi Carard Roti a l'orange-Detail Frais12/cs400 g4.8 kg
2001Joowonsanori Korean Style Smoked Half Duck/ Demi Canard Fume8/cs500 g4 kg




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