Why Buying Local Matters

As long as there have been country fairs and roadside stalls, there has been a golden opportunity to purchase food “fresh from the farm”.

For over 65 years, King Cole has been a leader in this farm-to-fork phenomenon. We perfected the concept of natural farming and today we remain the largest fully vertically integrated farming operation of its kind in North America.

That means people: people actually farming the traditional way, for the ultimate in care and quality control. With 14 local farms to manage, we are proud of the many people we employ and the positive impact this has on the economy.

Such an important message for consumers, chefs, retailers and restauranteurs: when you buy local it’s not just about getting the freshest or best of what grows in your backyard, you are also supporting families. Families who in turn, spend money in related industries, services, charities and community initiatives.

It’s all about giving back, creating that positive chain….and it starts with buying local.

Thank you for buying local!